Exquisite Restraint proudly creates corsets for the TG/cd Community

Some of my first corsets were underbusts and waist cinchers created for our TG/cd girlfriends.

The lovely Vena in a fave photo by Lithium Picnic... find her:::

The lovely Vena in a fave photo by Lithium Picnic… find her:::

This valuable experience helped me perfect my patterning and fitting skills for many body types, giving me the satisfaction of creating something that made someone feel beautiful, a bit transformed and able to present the silhouette they desired in clothing they loved. After 13 years, it is still heartening to provide this valuable service to women and men who want to be laced up and have their waist nipped in.

Exquisite Restraint is available in Los Angeles for custom fittings. We can also create a corset for you by email and ship your corset to you. And lastly, we have some specials in the ExREz Corsets Etsy Store.  Just look for listings with “Pick Your Size” in the title and we provide info on ordering from our Size Charts.

Write to us with any questions or concerns or contact us on Etsy.

Stay Beautiful,
Owner and Designer,
Exquisite Restraint Corsets… True Corsetry for Women & Men since 2001
….Yep! We left a ton of great photos on Ye Olde MySpace!!!


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