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Photo ‘o the Week: Storm’s a brewin’

I’m in Louisiana right now, and the only thing hotter is Darenzia! Here she is wearing my Underbust, in a photo by Christine Kessler.

Mo’ Photo: the Mtv guy I actually miss!

Metal Sanaz and Matt Pinfield!!!

Photo ‘o’ the Week: You Love Metal Sanaz!

And so do I! Here she is rocking my “Old Skool Tattoo” Overbust. Lick it up, kids!

Photo ‘o’ the Week: mid July, my skull hurts

Here’s an oldie but a goodie. My friend Lithium Barbie, a photo from my fashion show at Convergence 12, I think…it was a few years ago in San Diego. This gal was a good egg from Wicked Talent models, . Photo copyright by Julia Sage,

Photo ‘o the Week: Happy 4th of July in the Good Ole US of A

Here is a photo of Jasmine Worth dressed up for my fashion last year, Bondage Ball 2007 July 4th. Photo by Tommy-O.

Photo ‘o the Week: Where’s my stimulus check?!!

Here’s one from a photoshoot Emily Marilyn did with Christophe Mourthe.’ She’s wearing my one of a kind “Post Modern Period” Corset, which I will make in many other colors. Photo copywright by the photographer and used with permission

2 New PRICES…. just for you!

We’ve lowered the prices on two of our favorites, The Women’s Underbust and TG Underbust These are classic corsets that go with any mood, any event. Formerly $325, now $295. These items are in our Catalogue, with convenient shopping cart check-out. You can also order extras for your corsets, like garters or modesty panel. […]

My Fellow Americans… Bush wants you to buy a CORSET!!

I am having an incredible sale on many of my sample corsets. For convenience, I’m listed all of them on my MySpace blog. You don’t have to be a member of MySpace to view my blog. Feel free to contact me directly at if you have any questions.

The Economy is not Strong, but my Whip Hand is

The economy has to get better…. I needed a bright ray of sunshine after this weekend’s sales at Dom Con. Lo and behold, this gem was in my inbox! Ms. Marina St. Mark is a fixture of the L.A. scene and latex designer. She is the owner of one of my first creations! Christine Kessler […]

Find me at Dom Con LA !!!

I will be returning to Dom Con, May 8 to 11. This is your chance to see me in person, get measured, tell me your custom ideas, and maybe find something luscious off-the-rack! This will be a great show, and the Vendor\’s Room always kicks ass, thanks to Mistress Cyan and her awesome Crew.

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