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Photo o’ the Week- The Darkman

Donna Ricci at Bondage Ball, July 2007. Donna, and purveyor of Wicked Talent Models,, modeled for my fashion show. Larry Darkman set up and took lovely portaits. Photo copyright by Larry Darkman and used with permission.

We’re in good company! Exquisite Restraint is donating the prize of a corset to a winning blogger in the RAINN Fundraiser It’s about sex…. and why not? RAINN is the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network which has had a 24 hour hotline open to help people in these crises since 1994. Bloggers who […]

Photo o’ the Week- Own this Corset!

Own this corset, modeled by Aradia in a photo by Christine Kessler! All the details are on my MySpace blog:

Photo o’ the Week… take time from those taxing taxes!

A new friend… Aradia Ardor! Image by Christine Kessler, Photo copywright by Christine Kessler and used with permission This CORSET IS FOR SALE!! Contact me!

Lusciousness can be yours in West Hollywood

Here’s one of my latest beaded confections, worn in a photo of Darenzia by Christine Kessler. This corset can be found in West Hollywood, California! It has a 20 inch waist, so you should have a 24 inch waist. Please visit Le Bra Lingerie to see it for yourself. TUES-SAT : 10:30AM – 5:30PM […]

Photo of the Week… Spring is Fun!

A bit of my magic on an Underbust……. You can buy this corset, size XS, NOW! Just write to me for details.

got MySpace?

After you’re done checking out what $4000 buys you, from Jersey to NY, check out Exquisite’s MySpace! I have put a lot of sample corsets for sale at rock-bottom prices. And if you are a MySpace Friend, you are alerted to my sales through the bulletins.

Photo Lagniappe!

Here’s something extra this week: This is a beautiful photo of Audrey Kitching by Shannon Brooke, featured on the cover of French vampire erotica by Cyprien Bouton. Thanks Shannon and Audrey!!! Photo copyright by Shannon Brooke and used with permission.

Photo of the Week!

If you’re a fan of Deviant Nation, then you know Dina DeSade! Here’s a luscious piece of art by Mickle Werks Photography. Dina’s wearing my Underbust Corset with my extra magical touch- beading! Photo copyright by the photographer and used with permission.

Someone loves me! While playing on Google, I found this way cool blog about Exquisite Restraint:

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