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2 New PRICES…. just for you!

We’ve lowered the prices on two of our favorites, The Women’s Underbust and TG Underbust These are classic corsets that go with any mood, any event. Formerly $325, now $295. These items are in our Catalogue, with convenient shopping cart check-out. You can also order extras for your corsets, like garters or modesty panel. […]

My Fellow Americans… Bush wants you to buy a CORSET!!

I am having an incredible sale on many of my sample corsets. For convenience, I’m listed all of them on my MySpace blog. You don’t have to be a member of MySpace to view my blog. Feel free to contact me directly at if you have any questions.

The Economy is not Strong, but my Whip Hand is

The economy has to get better…. I needed a bright ray of sunshine after this weekend’s sales at Dom Con. Lo and behold, this gem was in my inbox! Ms. Marina St. Mark is a fixture of the L.A. scene and latex designer. She is the owner of one of my first creations! Christine Kessler […]

We’re in good company! Exquisite Restraint is donating the prize of a corset to a winning blogger in the RAINN Fundraiser It’s about sex…. and why not? RAINN is the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network which has had a 24 hour hotline open to help people in these crises since 1994. Bloggers who […]

Photo of the Week… Spring is Fun!

A bit of my magic on an Underbust……. You can buy this corset, size XS, NOW! Just write to me for details.

got MySpace?

After you’re done checking out what $4000 buys you, from Jersey to NY, check out Exquisite’s MySpace! I have put a lot of sample corsets for sale at rock-bottom prices. And if you are a MySpace Friend, you are alerted to my sales through the bulletins.

Someone loves me! While playing on Google, I found this way cool blog about Exquisite Restraint:

Photo of the Week… late, but worth it!

Here’s a gem from photographer Christine Kessler. Find her at This is our basic overbust with luscious additions: beading and yo-yo’s, which are a traditional quilting technique that resembles rosettes. Photo copywright by Christine Kessler and used with permission.

Photo of the Week

Your treat of the week: Kim Falcon in our black Overbust in a killer image by photographer Beth Cocuzzi Photo copyright by the photographer and used with permission.

2008 will be Great! PHOTO OF THE WEEK

Aahhh… it’s Sunday. Time to uphold my resolution of posting a Photo of the Week here, every week, in the New Year. I get a chance to work with so many creative people, and can’t always get there images into the Gallery quick enough. This is Divinora in an Overbust, photographed by Holly West. Used […]