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washableCincher – Custom Corsetry

This is a true foundation garment created for all Hot Rod Babes and Betties who want to fit in their vintage frocks. Inspired by Dior’s New Look, this washable cincher works well under clothing to help you achieve a wasp-waisted figure.

  • Constructed with 2 layers of cotton coutil and bone casing at each seam.
  • Front busc opening at 9 inches and all steel boning.
  • Fabrics are pre-shrunk. Simply hand wash this cincher in the sink with a gentle cleanser (I know a dame who takes it in the shower with her when she tends to her nylons and dainties!)
  • Squeeze gently in a towel and hang to dry.

Please see our Women’s Size Chart.

Price starts at $215.00 (plus s&h) - Request A Quote

Also available for TG Girls! Please ask.