How do I purchase one of your corsets?

We are offering two underbusts with a convenient shopping cart. Visit Catalogue, click and buy any Standard design. The secure shopping cart will direct you to Paypal where you can finalize your purchase. The other corsets in the Catalogue require a little more communicating and personal attention from us, but aren’t you worth it? For Custom or Limited Edition designs use our Request a Quote form to start the order process or for help with picking your size and any other questions.

Do you have a retail store?

Not at this time, but that will change in the future. Exquisite Restraint designer and owner, Simone, conducts custom fittings in her Los Feliz, California studio by appointment only. Serious inquiries are welcomed.

How long does it take from the time I order to receive my corset?

Normal time to complete and ship a corset is 4 to 6 weeks. We always let customers know if there are circumstances affecting their order (vacations, holidays, the addition of beading, etc.) and always give a firm shipping date. We don’t like to disappoint and we want you to receive your corset in a timely manner!

Will my waist really get smaller in a corset?

Your corset will allow you to “lose“ 2-4 inches, plus you must have an approximate two-inch gap opening at the back of the corset (where the laces are.) If the back edges of a corset meet, it is “too big” for you. We all have squishy flesh under our ribcage and essentially a corset is squeezing and redistributing that. You are not actually losing weight when you wear a corset—you must be on some sort of weight loss program.

What is True Corsetry™?

True Corsetry™ for us means proper coutil fabric, all steel boning and a front opening in order to put yourself in and take yourself out of your Exquisite Restraint corset without removing all of the laces every time. The front of our corsets contain a steel “busc”, a fabricated component that has been in use since the early 1800’s.

Do you take credit cards?

Yes... and we use Paypal. Because we don’t make any corsets until we receive your order, we feel that this is an efficient way for you the customer to make payments. Have questions? Feel free to write us info@exquisiterestraint.com

Do you do custom fittings?

Live in the So Cal area or visiting soon? If so, please contact us during your next visit to the Southern California area for a custom consultation at: info@exquisiterestraint.com
The starting price for a beautiful custom corset in $450.

Also, check out our News Blog to see where you can find us next. We always offer specials and discounts at live cons and bazaars!

Do men wear corsets?

Of course they do! For many reasons, progressive males really like the fashion statement they make, the fine figure they cut, and the way a truly exquisite corset fits. We are also proud to create corsets for our TG and cross-dresser clients. We recommend our TG Underbust but we can also custom fit any catalogue item to fit the male torso.

Aren’t corsets painful? How did women wear them and torture themselves?

The idea of modern corsets being painful serves to titillate and helps explain the fetishist aspect that corsets have for some people. Granted, corsets definitely modified women’s bodies in the past and their pain and suffering has been well-documented. You should also take into consideration that we are not wearing corsets starting in puberty, as people did in the past. Exquisite Restraint believes a corset can and will be as painful as you want it to be. A properly fitting corset that uses flexible spiral steel boning can be unbelievably comfortable. Many people find they welcome the back support a corset gives them. Today, pain is often created when a badly fitting corset is worn for too long, or a corset is laced up too tightly, too quickly.

What is “tight-lacing?”

It’s generally encouraged throughout the corset community that a corset be laced comfortably when it is first put on. It should then be progressively tightened in 30-minute increments to achieve “tight-lacing.” “Tight-Lacing” can also refer to the long term lacing, daily, to achieve a smaller waist measurement. Many people find that they are quite happy with the silhouette they achieve upon first lacing and may forgo “tight-lacing.” Exquisite Restraint appeals to the tastes of many people. Most of our corsets are designated as durable enough to withstand “tight-lacing,” however, we do not advocate any body modifications on this website, nor do we claim that our corsets will modify the body. There are many wonderful and informative resources on “tight-lacing” on the internet and we encourage your research!

How good are your corsets?

See for yourself! Click on FABRICS to see our exquisite details. Our beautiful corsets are handcrafted, one at a time, and constructed for durability. We only use: coutil, a traditional interior corset fabric; all steel spiral and straight bones; all of our lacing grommets are applied by hand. No stretch fabrics, no plastic boning and no pre-fabricated grommet tape.

More questions?

Please feel free to write our designer Simone@exquisiterestraint.com

Stay Beautiful!