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Size Charts

Please read carefully

This is our “ready to wear” size chart for Catalogue items. All other sizes are considered “Custom work” and will be priced accordingly.

Both Women and Men, for accuracy, go to our measurements and follow the directions. Subtract 4 inches from the waist measurement you took. Women, for instance, if you measure yourself and have a 28” waist, subtract 4” and look at the size containing a 24” Waist, which is our Size 6/8. Find that number on the chart and see if it corresponds with your Hip, Underbust and Bust measurements for which you should also subtract 4 inches.

Go directly to Your Measurements

It’s a lot of math, but who said Fashion was fun and easy? Very Important! You must subtract 4 inches from the waist measurement you took. Your corset will allow you to lose 2 inches plus you must have an approximate 2-inch gap opening at the back of the corset (where the laces are.) If the back edges of a corset meet, it is “too large” for you. The corset has nowhere to tighten on days when you are “a little looser in the waistband” and will not fit well.

Feel free to contact us for help at info@exquisiterestraint.com