Please read carefully

You will need:

  • Cloth tape measure
  • Long string or shoelace
  • Full length mirror

Print these instructions out to work from.

1. Tie the string around your “Waist” snugly so that it doesn’t shift. Pick out your “Waist” which may be different from the one you wear your pants waistband at. Try putting your hands naturally on your waist and bend from side to side to see where a crease forms, above or below your belly button.

2. Take the following measurements pulling the tape measure snugly. Use a mirror and make sure it travels straight across your back for the first 3 measurements. Get a friend to help!! Triple check all measurements.

a. BUST - the fullest part (not bra size), usually over the nipples. For over bust styles only.

b. UNDERBUST - you should measure directly under the band of your bra, on your rib cage.

c. WAIST - measure along the string, pulling snugly.

d. HIP - this should be 3 inches below the Waist string. Make sure it is at 3 inches below as it goes around your back. Use the mirror. If this measurement is too loose, your corset will be too loose.

e. UNDERBUST TO WAIST - use the mirror-don’t bend over to look at the tape. Measure up and down from the bottom of your bra to the string carefully.

Please include your height and bra/cup size

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