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Geeksugar loves the Exquisite Restraint Wonder Woman Corset!

Geeksugar, the website¬†where “geek is chic,”¬†picked our Wonder Woman Costume Corset as an Etsy Costume Favorite!! Check it here. We’re so proud… thank you, Geeksugar!!

Underbust on Skin Shots International; Marriage Equality in California

Photographer Ama Lea has been published on yet-one-more magazine cover, and of course, I’m thrilled! Megan Massacre is wearing a custom underbust in a size 18 with spiderweb embroidered ribbons appliqued on top. Contact me if you’d like more information and custom sizing. ****** Halloween will be here before you know it!! This is the […]

Comic Con and Exquisite Restraint Corsets….

are not together this weekend. Sadness. But I’m thrilled for all my friends who could make it. If I were there, I would wear one of my costume creations: It’s not too early to think about Halloween… or that giant event you are going to. No matter where you are, there’s a Comic Con, Labyrinth, […]