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Photo of the Week

HOT!!!! Natalie Addams shot by photographer Cosmic Frog of San Diego All images copyright by the photographer and used with permission

Photo of the Week

A gorgeous dame! Jasmine Worth in a Ribbon Cincher, photographed by Holly West All images copyright by the photographer and used with permission.

Cosmic Frog’s got Southern Cali Covered!

My buddy Jeff Davidson of Cosmic Frog’s Photography was on hand to take pics at this year’s Iron & Ink show at the Queen Mary. Here’s a tale of how things can turn out o.k: I mailed a corset to luscious Ruby Devore last minute for her entry into the pin-up competition. *GASP* The corset […]

More Pics!

They say things move fast in cyberspace……… Well, I don\’t, unfortunately. But I have tons of new pics that I will be getting up in the Gallery soon. It\’s been a great year, and I\’m so proud that some of the coolest photographers and models dig my corsets. I\’ve got some new Apnea and Lithium […]

I get asked this a lot

And in true Generation Y or X or 001011011 or whatever generation I am, I believe all information is free. I consider myself on the “E-List,” for the electronic phenomenon of the web, and how I wouldn’t have a business without it. “Hello, my name is Axxxxxxx and I am interested in gaining more experience […]

Pink and Black Beauty

I can’t keep this under wraps! Here’s a luscious custom corset I designed for fetish model extraordinaire, Emily Marilyn.

Corset Beading

Some people take illegal substances, some people run marathons………. I bead. Here’s a teaser sample of a corset I just made for Emily Marilyn. I can’t wait to see what pics she comes up with in this corset and I’ll share them with you when I get them!