Eros-Zine Interview, and Photo Credits

The lovely Vena interviewed me for Eros Zine. Mad props to her, and I’m thrilled……….

Alas, Eros Zine has not used any of the photo credits I sent and I am hoping they will remedy this. We are speaking to them now.
Almost all of the images are copyrighted and owned by photographers that I have formed relationships with. I’m grateful that they’ve used my corsets and let me use their images. I am fortunate to work with some great artists!!!

The photos incorrectly have an “” watermark on them, and I am unhappy with this. I’ve asked Vena to see what she can do about it.

If you refer to the article, credits are as follows:
1. with title superimposed, Kortni by Christine Kessler
2, 3, &4 Corset pics by Simone
5. &6. Angela Ryan by Holly West
7. Donna Ricci by Jeffery Scott
8. Kortni by Christine Kessler
9. Lisa D’Amato by Steve Diet Goedde
10. Kortni by Christine Kessler
11. Lisa D’Amato by Steve Diet Goedde
12. Michael by Simone
13. Darenzia by Marla Rutherford
14. Apnea by Christine Kessler

Thank you to Vena for taking the time to interview, and special thanks to the photographers, models, make-up and hair artists, and set/props people involved in these images.

Owner and Designer
Exquisite Restraint Corsets

Christine Kessler’s picture of Kortni that has title superimposed in Eros-Zine

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