Exquisite Restraint Corsets sure do get around!

I file this one under “You Know You’re Famous When…..”
Someone is reselling one of your corsets on e-bay. hee hee!

An oldie... I guess it's now "vintage" found on ebay, Exquisite Restraint, baby!

An oldie… I guess it\’s now \”vintage\” found on ebay, Exquisite Restraint, baby!

Actually, it’s not my corset, but their corset… and for the life of me, I can’t remember who got this one. I can tell you it’s an OLDIE!! I may have sold it locally, here in Los Angeles, or I may have given it to a model. Now it’s a mystery that I gotta dig into. I’m not bummed that the person is selling it. Far from… the person has to make money.

But the corset looks so forlorn there.. all upside down (yep! photographed upside down) and labeled “34” when it’s a 22 inch waist.

Anyone wanna get this for me to put in the archives and Corset Museum for 10 Years of Exquisite Restraint in 2011? Because I’m pretty sure I made this one about 8 years ago! I will dig in the archives because I know I have photos of it from way back when.

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