I get asked this a lot

And in true Generation Y or X or 001011011 or whatever generation I am, I believe all information is free. I consider myself on the “E-List,” for the electronic phenomenon of the web, and how I wouldn’t have a business without it.

“Hello, my name is Axxxxxxx and I am interested in gaining more experience in modeling. I am very interested in modeling your corsets. I was wondering how to get involved and if you are in need of any models. Please let me know if you are interested. Thank you! ”

Hey Axxxxxx,
my best advice is to make friends with photographers! Photographers need models… models need photos. Hair and Make-up artists want to work with you to also get images.

I never set up photoshoots. All of my images come from photographers and models who have been coming up through the Fetish scene in Los Angeles, and then introduced me to other photographers and models…from Houston to Paris to London. I’ve met some of the biggest Fetish photographers just by having a great relationship with other models and photographers.
Photographers are your friends… you have no portfolio without great images.

Everyone I know is also listed on One Model Place, Model Mayhem, and even keep profiles on Live Journal and Deviant Art. Of course, MySpace is a big one.
You can also create a free model profile on and have access to networking with photographers, make-up and hair artists, and designers.

Good luck with everything!

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