“I’ve been wanting a corset for a while…”

So you love corsets, you want one, but don’t know where to start?

Write to us with any questions!

We communicate with all our clients directly and personally by e-mail… unless of course, you’ve had your eye on an underbust corset and you’re ready to use our new SHOPPING CART for our Women’s Underbust or TG Girl Underbust. This is a brand new feature and I’m happy to make it quicker for you to order these two catalogue items. These Underbusts are still made one at a time with the same love and quality you’ve come to expect from Exquisite Restraint.
The rest of our catalogue requires a little bit communicating on your part because all of our corsets are lovingly handcrafted one at a time. There is no stock manufactured overseas for us to fill your order with.

Exquisite Restraint was created with a love for corsetry and a goal of impeccable craftsmanship. It is our desire to create corsets that delight and make the owner feel beautiful. We stand by each corset- they are product but also pieces of art made one at a time in our Los Angeles studio.

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