More Pics!

They say things move fast in cyberspace………

Well, I don\’t, unfortunately.
But I have tons of new pics that I will be getting up in the Gallery soon.
It\’s been a great year, and I\’m so proud that some of the coolest photographers and models dig my corsets.

I\’ve got some new Apnea and Lithium Picnic….. more Christine Kessler……… my new friend, Cosmic Frog out of San Diego…..

Come to think of it, I made a lot of new friends this year!!
photographers Holly West, Shannon Brooke, Justice Howard…….
models Vena, Divinora, Angela Ryan, Jasmine Worth (who can read good and knows how to do other things! : ), Natalie Addams, Kim Falcon, Audra, Andi Pandi…….

I incorrectly captioned some pics that came from photographer Marla Rutherford, and fixed it. I hope to work with her some more in the future.

I think my corset was featured in a Halo Guitars ad by Shannon Brooke with Audra in a Marie Antoinette-styled setting.
And of course, there\’s that kick-ass Skin and Ink cover with Mandy Murders rocking my Old Skool Tattoo corset in a luscious pic by Christine Kessler.

Ok, I gotta get back to work on this pile of pictures!
Here’s Stoya, shot by Christine Kessler.

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