Welcome to My World

Exquisite Restraint had her colors done, her aura read, feng shui applied, did some retail therapy, and the makeover is complete!
Welcome to the new website for Exquisite Restraint Corsets……… we are even more beautiful and exquisite with our stylish and original corset designs. We are ready to make your corset dreams come true.

As always, I am proud of my associations and relationships (and friendships!) with great photographers, models and trend-setters in the Fetish, Goth, Rock ‘n Roll, BDSM, Adult Entertainment, and Transgendered communities.
Please feel free to write me with any questions you have about my corsets. It is my pleasure to create a custom corset for you that is pleasing to the eye, excites the senses, and embraces your curves like an accomplished lover!

Special thanks goes out to Formula for the beautiful and accomplished work they did on this new website. Check them out at

stay beautiful,
owner and designer, Exquisite Restraint Corsets…true corsetry for Women and Men

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