Corsets Saturday… and still time to go out afterward!

If you love corsets, or just discovered them, I am giving a presentation next weekend at Threshold Dungeon in North Hollywood, California.

I know a corset is a huge investment. If you live in Southern California and have been thinking about ordering one, now is your chance to meet me and see some of my work firsthand.
You’ll also see some history, some interesting tidbits, and watch me put my costume degree to work!

I’ve had a long association with the good folks at Threshold. This is a private club, but this event is open to the public. I encourage you to come… you’ll be among good folks!

Threshold is proud to present

June’s Kink Academy:




Saturday, June 20

7 PM

(Doors open at 6:30 PM)


Hollywoodland Studios

11300 Hartland Street

North Hollywood, CA 91605

(Entrance in back of the building)

Admission: $5 for Members and Affiliates

$10 for Guests and Non-Members

The entire BDSM community is welcome to attend (age 18 years old and up).
Threshold membership is not necessary to attend.

The presentation will cover:

~What is a corset?

~Brief history of corsetry

~Some construction aspects and secrets

~How to buy a proper corset and what exactly is a proper corset

~Demo with live models, a chance for attendees to try on some stock corsets

All attendees are eligible for a 15% discount on a new corset order if they attend this event

Simone, owner of Exquisite Restraint Corsets, has served the community for 9 years and brings her career as a theatre and film costumer with extensive corset knowledge to Kink Academy and SMU.

Not to be taken for granted, modern people own corsets and wear them, but corsets come with a historical pedigree and are a profound source of fascination, even a fetish, for many, while merely a unique fashion item for others.


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