So you want to get a CORSET?

I make some of the most unique, creative corsets…but they are also funtionally strong and most are suitable for tight-lacing.

My corsetsĀ appeal to those who want a unique fashion item, and those who are tight-lacing in order to train their waist.

If you need to be custom fitted, or want info on sizing, just let me know.

Reach me through any e-mail contact on this website or write directly to

I have much success with communicating through e-mail and helping people with measurements.

If you happen to be in southern California, we can set up an appointment for a custom fitted corset!

Find more of my work here in my very active MySpace profile……..

and samples for sale at drop-dead prices in my Etsy store…..

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Stay Beautiful,


Exquisite Restraint Corsets


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