How is your 2007 so far?

This year is really shaping up in Corset World!

I\’ve been contacted by Chaz Royal to sponsor a prize for his International London Burlesque Festival, premiering May 9-12th, 2007. Produced by the Infamous Chaz Royal Aka \’The King of Burlesque\’.
So all my lovely friends in the UK, watch out for this one!

Have some awesome photos arriving soon by that Gothic Beauty Model of the Year, Apnea, shot by……. yep, Lithium Picnic. Love my homies in H-Town!

Speaking of homies, check out Christine Kessler\’s prolific career and show her some love,

I have a question for Vac-bed people: You know those big plastic bags you put clothes in and then vacuum the air out for travel and storage? Are the makers giving you guys a percentage for your brilliant idea? :)

I think Christine and I may be involved in a certain tattoo magazine collaboration soon, but I don\’t want to spoil the surprise. I will say that I get \”a perverse thrill\” knowing I get more exposure (so to speak) with that community than the fetish world that all my buddies populate…….. hey, I\’d like to show some \”skin, TOO,\” but I guess things happen in their own time, right?

Did I say skin….. too? Well, Tony Mitchell\’s highly anticipated site is up and running and he has written a very cool piece on my corsets and the people who make them look so good. The article is in my \”Lounge,\” but Go find it at , click on \”portfolios,\” then \”fashion,\”……. you should go through his whole site and enjoy yourself!

And finally, through tattoo connections, I had the pleasure of sending a corset to photographer Jeff Davidson of and . The lovely model in my \”Meaurements\” is Paige, courtesy of Jeff. *thanx!* Below is one of his awesome photos with Dominique.

This is all the news that\’s fit and unfit to print as of this minute……. I\’ll be keeping you up to date on more people in Corset World, because it\’s a great place.

And you thought it was all about whale bones!

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