The Hollywood couple I want to adopt me!

Carlos Batts and April Flores are a couple of people- who happen to be a couple- who inspire me in Corset World. Talk about romance, sharing and caring! These two mix art, sex and love. April is voluptuous, curvy, confident, happy and the muse to Carlos. You can find her at . Carlos is “bad-brained,” DIY photographer who moves in the art, fetish, rock and punk crowds.
Check him at

Before I met these superstars I actually went to the gallery show and release for one of Carlos’ books, “Crazy Sexy Hollywood,” probably in 2003. I was just dipping my feet into the world of fetish …hmmm… do I belong here? Should I have nudity on my site? Silly questions like that. I didn’t know what to think of Carlos’ pics and I was a bit intimidated. Wow, that seems like decades ago!
Fast forward months later. Carlos and April show up at a gallery show put on by Mitzi & Co., where I have models showing off my wares. Carlos and April come right up to me and tell me they love my work and want to work with me!

These two lovely humans live in my hood. I most often see them at the grocery store. I usually end up talking about comic books with Carlos more than taking pictures. Life is good.

April can be found in my Catalogue, and here’s a hot pic of her. Show them both some love and look forward to more collaborations with them!

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