Naughty Sexy Maggie Simpson, Halloween 2007

This is a little experiment… heehee!

Tommy O's Maggie Simpson

Photographer Tommy O’s photo of Naughty Maggie Simpson at Halloween Bondage Ball 2007.

Exquisite Restraint does a bit more than just corsets… but no one knows that unless we tell you.

Let’s see if these great pics of Naughty Maggie Simpson get out there!

Bondage Ball Maggie Simpson

I’m miffed that after 2 years she doesn’t show up in any searches, especially now that Marge has been on the cover of Playboy!
Here’s Naughty Maggie Simpson with fetish model Emily Marilyn at Halloween Bondage Ball 2007… no, they didn’t call each other up to see what the other was wearing!

Maggie Simpson and Emily Marilyn

Have the best Halloween, and I’ll try to post more soon!

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