Recovered from St. Patrick’s Day?

This oughta perk you up!

Lily photographed by Salus,

Lily photographed by Salus,

This is the same St. Paddy’s Day overbust, but looking so much better on Lily, photographed by Salus.

It’s 16 inches long in the front. The garters are in matching green fabric. The bead and cabachon trim is durable for all you showgirls and burlesque babies who need to shake your moneymakers.
Waist fits 27 to 28 inches, and the bust is best for 34 B to C.

Please write to me with any questions…. and feel free to click on the Buy Now button if you want to exchange a little green for this green Exquisite Restraint Beauty!

Shipping- Pick One
Green St. Patrick’s Overbust

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