Tightlacing Corsets

If you’re a bit confused about what tightlacing is, don’t worry. You’re keen interest and great capacity for wonder will aid you!

Tightlacing, simply put, is when a corset is closed up tighter than “normal.”
And as we all know, “normal,” is relative…. its different for many… it’s a setting on a dryer.

Not all corsetwearers are tightlacers. Not all corsets are capable of helping with tightlacing.

Most often, you need a corset custom fit to your measurements to aid you in tightlacing.

An Exquisite Restraint Corset will nip your waist in quite naturally and comfortably without needing to lace it even tighter. Hence, our corsets are capable of being “tightlaced” but don’t have to be. You will still look incredible in Exquisite Restraint. For your first corset, you will be quite happy with ours and then can graduate to a custom-fitted corset when you are ready to embark on your tighlacing journey. For custom-fitted, we use your measurements to create a paper pattern just for you to cut out and construct your corset. If you live in Southern California, or will be visiting, we most certainly want to see you in person. If not, we are confident we can work with you long distance by e-mail or phone.

An Exquisite Restraint Underbust Corset, off-the-rack

An Exquisite Restraint Underbust Corset, off-the-rack

Tightlacing is a personal choice and I like to use it interchangeably with “waist-training.”

Many people like- no, LOVE- the aesthetic of a tiny wasp waist. Women AND Men love and admire it… Both Women AND Men also love being wasp waisted!

I encourage your research on the topics of tightlacing and waist-training here on the internet. I don’t have to supply any links….a simple Google search will yield wonders and you may be hooked.

Since not all corsets are created equal, when you are ready, please contact me here at Exquisite Restraint Corsets, so we can create that custom-fitted corset to help you on your waist-training journey.
Simone (at) exquisiterestraint(dot)com or click “Request a Quote” on any Catalogue page.

A special client from San Diego pictured here. Look closely and see the differences between this custom fitted corset and our off-the-rack corset …

You need a custom corset for waist training.

You need a custom corset for waist training.

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